11 August 2011

Create a Plot Now

Fill in the blanks and post your plot in the comments below. Can't wait to read all your creative next works in progress. :)

Dennis Johnson is a ___________________ from _____________________ living a quiet life in _____________________, until one day his ____________________ is ____________________________.

From there, he is led on a ____________________ to discover _____________________. How he ________________________ will depend upon _______________________ and the ____________________________ of _____________________________.

Here's mine:

Dances in the Jungle, by Diane Carlisle

Dennis Johnson is a millionaire from Cairo, Egypt, living a quiet life in Northern Maine, until one day his past in dealing with the drug cartels in Mexico catches up with him and he is forced to make one last delivery.

From there, he is led on a dangerous journey into the jungles of Peru to discover a life as rich and beautiful as the Princess Nala. How he wins her hand in marriage will depend upon the success of his delivery and the takedown of the major dealers affecting the Amazon Province of Western Peru.

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